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Better ads
for better mobile apps

Acquisition solutions

that go beyond the download

Our exclusive network of premium non-incentivized in-app inventory gives you access to engaged mobile consumers worldwide.


Real, high-quality users

Our proprietary publisher network, rich audience targeting, and honest, high-quality, non-incentivized ad units ensure that you're acquiring real users who want to try your app.

Instant setup

No need to lift a finger and design specific creatives with complex guidelines. Our system designs and localizes instantly great look native ads. Fully integrated with the leading attribution analytics services.

Total Transparency

Stop flying blind. Know exactly where your users are coming from. No tricks. No funny business. Only directly managed inventory. We vet every single publisher we work with so you don't have to.

finally ads that are

as beautiful as your app

We're as fanatical about payout performance as we are about designing better ads.


More Money for You

We pay more (without wasting your inventory) because we work directly with advertisers and run high-performing native ads.


Banner ads? Think again.

Stop compromising on design just to make a quick buck, or worse take a chance to get your app rejected . Our customizable native ad formats blend with the flow of your app and are respectful of both your users and the App Store and Play Store rules.

You’re in control

Because you control how, where and when to show ads, you'll make more money showing fewer ads.

works for

Work on iOS & Work on Android

works with your favorite mediation platform

Mopub integration Amob integration

works with your prefered framework

Unity integration PhoneGap integration AdobeAir integration

our partners

love working with us

Working with AppsFire to monetize my apps has been great! Their ads are top notch and pay much higher CPMs than inferior networks.
David Barnard - Founder Contrast

David Barnard

Founder Contrast

Appsfire has some really innovative and efficient solutions for mobile ads. They disrupt less the gaming experience of our apps, and still allow us to monetize well.
Mathieu Nouzareth - FreshPlanet CEO

Mathieu Nouzareth

FreshPlanet CEO

We've been very impressed with Appsfire ads, they look great, perform great and make our apps look even better.
Alex Karpovich - Apalon CMO

Alex Karpovich

Apalon CMO

Our mission

Who likes mobile ads today? We don’t and we’re not alone.

We make better ads and marketing solutions for mobile apps because we care about the user experience as much as you do. We craft innovative and beautiful ad technologies so you can stop disturbing your users with crappy ads thanks to less intrusive and better performing solutions.

We're helping

to build a better industry

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