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Appsfire won a double award at the French Startup Awards 2013. Thank you for your support!
"there needs to be a way to filter out what you don't want and find what you do [....] Appsfire may offer just that"
"Appsfire is a service that makes it easier to share your favorite iPhone apps with your friends"
"The must-have app sharing app"
"Appsfire is an interesting idea [..] It then generates a list you can share with friends"
"The app is a breeze to use on both desktop and the iPhone, and takes app sharing to a new level"
"[Appsfire is] Helping solve the discovery of relevant applications"
"The Perfect Merge of iPhone Apps and Social Media"
"Appsfire is a nice little software piece that[..] can be counted upon for finding apps that might interest you"